Our classes - Charrúa Crossfit




CrossFit is defined as a training system focused on functional exercises, constantly varied, performed at high intensity. This training program combines a wide variety of exercises, from different disciplines, in routines called Workouts of the Day (WOD). CrossFit training is based on working on the 10 fundamental physical qualities: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, strength, endurance, power, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, precision and balance. The goal is to make the body as fit as possible, so that it can be prepared for any type of activity. In our CrossFit classes you will be able to develop this discipline guided by our coach.

Open Box

Space and material fully available for our athletes. So they can practice their weaknesses, deficiencies, or simply wish to direct their own training. Take advantage of our open box, to make up for a missed class, or simply to dedicate some time to your mobility. Our open box classes are available for all rates, and there will always be a coach to guide you if needed.


Gymnastic exercises are a basic and are present in our centers, no matter where you go. If you dedicate some time to their practice you will soon realize that they will allow you to be a much more complete and effective athlete. The main objective of these movements is to perfect body control, which is achieved through the development of balance, coordination, agility and precision.


Weightlifting is a sport that consists of lifting as much weight as possible from the ground until you are fully extended with your arms above your head. These lifts can be performed in two ways: in one movement, called "Snatch", or in two movements, called "Clean & Jerk". Weightlifting is considered the ultimate expression of power in an athlete, which makes us improve in a multitude of exercises, not only in CrossFit, but also in any sport discipline. Weightlifting is a sport recommended for all ages, even for children, as you can start with moderate weights or even with an empty bar or a PVC pole and make sure to master the proper technique before increasing the load in the future. Improvement in intramuscular coordination as the movements involve almost all parts of the body. Improvement of physical qualities such as power, strength and flexibility, among others. Another important benefit is the increase in bone density, as working with weights has been shown to be effective in producing bone cells and making bones stronger, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


This is an introductory session where basic CrossFit movements and fundamentals are taught, lifting techniques are reviewed and new members are familiarized with the Box equipment and philosophy. It is an opportunity to learn safely and effectively before joining regular classes.